We offer the complete fieldwork management, i. e. advising on feasibility of projects in Germany, translation of materials and adapting them to the German healthcare system, recruitment, moderation in rented central facilities and / or fieldwork interviews and all sorts of analyses, all accompanied by a thorough quality control system. We provide digital audio and imaging materials to shorten time for further analysis.


We provide what you’re looking for - Experience and Creativity

We cover all medical areas and indications including a wide range of both common and rare/ orphan-drug conditions within all German specialities and sub-specialities. We conduct interviews with all relevant target groups either as IDIs, duos, triads, mini-groups, or focus groups.


List of target groups

  • physicians
  • microbiologists
  • hospital and retail pharmacists
  • opticians
  • KOLs
  • hygiene advisors
  • purchasers
  • MRI/ CT technicians
  • payers
  • lab technicians
  • pathologists
  • IT specialists
  • psychologists
  • nurses
  • vetirinarians
  • midwifes
  • psychotherapists
  • professional and non professional carers
  • podologists
  • patients













Especially with challenging target groups we are very persistent.


Searchlight Pharma Partner has experience in conducting interviews using the following Methodologies.

  • face-to-face
  • online surveys
  • TDIs
  • online bulletin boards          
  • web-baesd TDIs
  • ethnos
  • video-supported TDIs
  • workshops






Searchlight Pharma Partner uses all sorts of creative, intuitive and laddering techniques for testing.

  •  product evaluation
  •  conjoints
  •  product war games
  •  positioning
  •  investigative landscaping
  •  clinical trial design evaluation         
  •  online survey questionnaire
  • diary studies
  •  ads
  • devices
  •  messages
  • packages
  •  detail aids
  • PCRs


Searchlight Pharma Partner GmbH has a special expertise in German market research guidelines, Data Protection Law and AE reporting, with regular internal trainings of the full team. One of the team members is one of the Ethics Advisors Germany for EphMRA.